The Japan Digital Pathology Study Group will contribute to more accurate pathological diagnosis by improving the technology of digital pathology.

Who we are

The society was founded to perform intraoperative rapid diagnosis using image transfer from remote locations for hospitals without full-time pathologists on site. One unique feature is that our members include venders of optical equipment, communication and information systems in addition to pathologists and pathology technicians.

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What we do

In order to expand digital pathology, we hold a regular meeting once a year. In addition, various workshops and symposiums are held in cooperation with the Japanese Society of Pathology, the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology, and the Japanese Society of Telemedicine.

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Why us?

With the support of our members, we would like to further promote the activities of this study group.

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Recent News


JSDP is supported by following companies concerning about Digital Pathology, Artificial Intelligence and so on.