Greetings from the Chairman

The Japanese Society of Digital Pathology (JSDP) currently plays major roles for the digital pathology in Japan.

Our most important role is to produce many analysis applications for use in digital pathology/cytology that have been approved by the FDA and PMDA.

Most WSI scanners have already acquired the technology to display images as clear as a conventional microscope. However, when we just want to project a clear image, we can use a conventional microscope instead of digital pathology. There are two advantages to digital pathology regarding conventional microscope: 1) remote diagnosis, and 2) digital analysis.

Remote diagnosis creates a situation that pathological diagnoses are double-checked in hospitals where there is only one pathologist. However, we need to install a WSI scanner at the hospital and build a digital pathology system to achieve this.

Digital analysis will be the most important in the future. For example, we can make quantitative and objective counts such as immunohistochemistry for ER, HER2, and Ki67, calculate tumor cell percentages using AI, and use AI to predict genomic abnormalities and perform genome searches efficiently.

The JSDP aims to produce many particularly user-friendly analysis applications for use in digital pathology and digital cytology that have been approved by the FDA and PMDA, and while conducting highly important academic research.

Finally, I would like to conclude by looking forward to the active activities of our members and listening to their opinions, which will lead to future development. Thank you for your continued support.


Chairman of Japanese Society of Digital Pathology
Ichiro Maeda