JSDP 2021 Registration


Thank you very much for your registration, which has been closed as of August 15.

We are now accepting applications for participation in Japan Society of Digital Pathology. If you would like to attend the Annual General Meeting of Japan Society of Digital Pathology 2021, please click the button below to pay the registration fee.

Date: August 20-22, 2021
Venue: Online using the web conference system zoom (https://www.zoom.us/)
Participation fee (tax included) JSDP Members: 9,000JPY, Non-members: 15,000JPY, Engineers: 5,000JPY, Students: Free
Supporting members: 4,000JPY
Application Deadline: August 15, 2021

About payment methods

We apologize that the registration page for “Non-member” and “Medical technician” is in Japanese only. Please follow the instructions below to complete your application.

1. Click [BUY NOW] button and open a application form.
2. If you are a non-member, select 1 for [非会員], and if you are a medical technician, select 1 for [技師] and click [この内容でお申し込み] buttom
3. Switch to next page, and fill the following box.
お名前: 漢字(姓)→ Fill your family name.
お名前: 漢字(名)→ Fill your first name.
フリガナ:フリガナ(セイ)→ Fill your family name.
フリガナ:フリガナ(メイ)→ Fill your first name.
住所:郵便番号 → Fill your post code.
住所:都道府県 → Fill your prefecture or state name.
住所:市区町村郡 → FIll your city name and town name.
住所:番地 → Fill your additional address information
電話番号: → Fill your telephone number (Number only)
メールアドレス: → Fill your e-mail address.
メールアドレス(確認用) → Fill your e-mail address again.
お支払方法を選択 → Select how to pay the participation fee
クレジットカード決済 → Use credit card.
クレジットカード番号: The number of your credit card.
有効期限: Effective date
セキュリティコード:Security code
コンビニ決済: → It’s the way to pay in convenience store.
ローソン: Pay at LAWSON
ファミリーマート:Pay at FamilyMart
セイコーマート: Pay at Seicomart
ミニストップ: Pay at MINI STOP
ペイジー決済: → Use pay-easy(https://www.pay-easy.jp/)

Check [利用規約に同意する] (I agree to the Terms of Use)and click [確認する] (Confirm)

4.Confirm your input data and click [この内容で申し込みする] (Apply with this information)

JSDP Member

15,000 JPY
Please follow the instructions in the email from the secretariat.

JSDP Semi-Member

4,000 JPY
Please follow the instructions in the email from the secretariat.

Non Member

15,000 JPY

Application has been closed.

Medical technician

5,000 JPY

Application has been closed.



Application has been closed.